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BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN at the body temperature (maximum 36,6 C 98F) may be applied in the temperatures of between -5 C (-41F) and +25 C (77 F). If the temperature is too high or the hive is too hot bees may leave the honeycombs, which lower its effectiveness.
The best time to apply BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN is late afternoon or early evening, when the majority of the bees are in the hive. Apply to the rows between honeycombs (directly onto the bees) with a gentle squeeze (see picture). Depending on the strength of the colony and the time of the year the recommended amount to use is between 10ml and 20ml. There should be enough to apply it to 3 to 6 rows.
The new sachets can be kept in your pocket at body temperature, ready to open and administer by tearing the specially designed sealed end, which allows the beekeeper to gently squeeze the sachet to squirt drops effectively. Please note, one sachet equals one treatment.

Avoid contact with eyes. Store BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN at room temperature in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. Avoid storage in cold temperatures. Use within 12 months after opening. Shake before use if you see any deposits.

How It Works BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN works naturally and does not affect honey or the wax. After its application the tiny drops of the liquid deposited on the bees' hair are then transferred onto other bees through contact and the bees' natural urge to cleanse. BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN cleanses bees from parasites and honeycomb cells from dead larvae which then drop to the bottom of the hive. It is non-toxic and does not kill Varroa instantly. The Varroa immediately sense a change in the environment after applying HiveClean. This irritates them and they fall off the bee or are bitten off by other bees. Eventually they die on the open mesh floor tray.
We recommend the BVB or Beevital Board. It is a specially designed board with a sticky substance on top which is very easy to use.

BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN has no adverse effects if used according to the instructions.

How and When to Apply BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN applied before the reproduction period (before Dec 24th and beginning of January), will result in significant increase if the growth of your bees.
Feb/Mar/Apr - when bees start collecting pollen, up to 20 ml
May/June - during intensive growth of the bee colony, up to 20ml
July/Aug - during honey harvesting, up to 15ml
BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN applied before Sept 1st helps the bees to survive winter and makes them stronger. Nov/Dec/Jan - depending on the conditions and temperatures (lowest temperature in which it may be applied is -5 C but most effective in temperatures of +5 C and more) should be applied on a hibernated group of bees, up to 15ml.

An important factor of the effectiveness of BEEVITAL® HIVE CLEAN is to apply it at least once when the Queen has stopped laying (Autumn to Spring).
Many beekeepers use HiveClean like a prophylactic, administering small doses whenever they open a hive. It must be remembered that you cannot overdose when using HiveClean.

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