Maisemore Apiaries Ltd., professional beekeepers, manufacturers and retailers. Est. 1953
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Maisemore Apiaries Ltd.
Telephone Number 44 (0)1452 700289
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Registered Office :
Old Road, Maisemore,
Gloucester. GL2 8HT
Registered in the UK,
Registration no. 6399962

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Maisemore Apiaries, established in 1953, has now become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of
Bee Keeping equipment in the UK. Located in Gloucestershire, Maisemore Apiaries offer a range of
quality beekeeping items second to none.


Our shop is full of beekeeping equipment that is practical and essential to successful beekeeping, from beehives and bees to bee keeping clothing and bees wax foundation. We are open six days a week, normally with a beekeeper on hand to answer all your questions.

Welcome to Maisemore Apiaries
Bee keeping equipment manufacturers, suppliers and retailers
in Great Britain since 1953.

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Maisemore Apiaries & Bees Online,
for all your beekeeping equipment
bee hives, parts and accessories
and bee keeping supplies.
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday (Sept - March) 9am - 1pm
Saturday (April - August) 9am - 4pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays Closed.
To avoid dissapointment, please phone before travelling.


MAQs for Varroa is now at Maisemore Apiaries
A new tool to combat varroa mite.
MAQS beehive strip is placed on the top bars of the bottom brood chamber allowing to treat the brood rearing zone in the hive. With the MAQS formulation enough formic acid is able to penetrate the brood cell cappings to cause varroa death, yet leaves the pupating larva unharmed.

This is an economy range of beehives, made from home grown western red cedar for all external parts and internal parts are second quality redwood sourced from russia and scandanavia, the foundation which comes complete with this hive is of course maisemore apiaries quality grade of beeswax, it comes complete with all instructions and nails, do not be scared off the price as these items are all made using the same machinery and by the same craftsman as all our other beekeeping products.

We have decided to add this to our range of wax extraction products, the outer case is made of 1/2" exterior grade plywood, the internal parts are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and no rust, there are two handles to help you move this product around the garden so it can always catch the best amount of sun.

This will turn a National brood chamber in to a 10 frame Commercial made from western red cedar.

A great way to keep and watch bees, it has a central pivot point in place for turning the observation case and an external entrance and comes complete with two double glazed units. This item is made of mahogany.

When it comes to keeping bees either as a novice or professional beekeeper, Miasemore Apiaries are considered by many to be the best suppliers of beekeeping equiptment in the UK. If you are looking for bee hives, beekeeping tools, wax or honey extractors and even honey jar labels we are your one stop bee keeping shop. Maisemore Apiaries prides itself on exceptional quality, outstanding value and customer service that is second to none, take a moment to read well over 200 reviews from very satisfied customers and choose the right supplier of all your bee keeping requirements.
Look at our new range of budget bee hives, starter kits and beekeeping equipment designed, used and made by professional bee keepers.

Featured Items

Rock Bottom Kit
Rock Bottom National Bee Hive 14x12
Nat Poly Six Frame Nucleus option 1
2 Frame Plastic Extractor
BeeKind wooden briquettes
BeeKind wooden briquettes

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